‘New Indie darlings of the all-new art scene’
EYESHADOWS are a London duo formed in 2012. Vocalist Mark Rodenhurst and producer and DJ Y.O.T.I fuse video art, costume and performance to create a unique audio-visual experience. They create broad sonic landscapes, combining electronic rhythms, religious samples, and brooding synths to create music which is both emotional and detached, existential yet life affirming, intimate yet epic writing songs about humanity, loss, alienation, about sadness, about love. Performing around London for the past two years in some of the capitals most prominent underground venues, they have supported amongst other, Ritualz and Empathy test on recent tours. Their music has been performed on BBC radio London and championed by Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins. E Y E S H A D O W S released their first EP earlier this year entitled ‘EP 1’ on Dagger Forest.
Arresting visuals. Beginning with a lingering shot of a boot on a gagged human face, the narrative captures your attention through exceptional, brutal visual storytelling until its climax where the air is knocked out of your stomach. Watch it. (qx)


TICKETS HERE https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/someproduct

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